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Mayor of Isfahan

Biography of H.E. Dr. Sayed Mortaza Saghaeian Nejad Esfahani,

 Present Mayor of Isfahan

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He was born in Isfahan in 1952 in a religions medium class family. He studied elementary, intermediate and high school periods in Isfahan . For higher education studies H.E. went to U.S.A in 1972 and continued his studies as below.

1- BA.  at  BOLDER – COLORADO .   U.S.A


3- PHD. at UNIVERSITY of KENTACKY . U.S.A.     In Electrical &  Power Engineering.

Permanent Position:

1-Professor and lecturer of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Isfahan University of Technology.

2- Mayor of Metropolitan city of Isfahan since 2003       


Records of Services

1- President of Isfahan University for four years 1982 to 1986

2- President of Isfahan University of Technology for nine years 1989 to 1997.

3- Deputy to president of Isfahan University of Technology in administration and financial affairs.

4- Member of Board of Trustees in Isfahan University and also in Isfahan University of Technology.

5- Member of Council of Education in Isfahan Metropolitan City and Isfahan province.

6- Head of Board of Trustees of the Mathematic House of Isfahan .

7- Managing Director of Weekly Cultural & Social Magazine of Isfahan .

8- Member of Social & Cultural Supreme Council of Isfahan .

9- Senior member of Advisory Council of the Supreme Council of Cultural revolution, for three years.

10- Member of Board of Auditors Isfahan University of Technology.

11- Member of Board of Trustees of Universities, Central area of Isfahan for four years.

12- Permanent Member of Isfahan Public Libraries Society.

13- Member of Research Society of IEEE.

14- Member of Higher Education Planning Group (During the First Developmental Programme).

15- Cultural Secretary of Islamic Society of Students in U.S.A & Canada for two years.

16- Member of the three member team in charge of compiling financial regulations of Iran universities.

17- Member of Central Council of Engineers of Islamic Association.

18- Secretary of Islamic Association Engineers, province of Isfahan .

19- Member of Bassiji Engineers Association, province of Isfahan .

20- Member of Communication Supreme Council of University and Industry.

21- Member of the four member team, Surveying Scientific and Research Institutes of Russia, Ukrain, and the Bellarus.

22- Head of Holding the Second Round of Ladies Sport Olympiad.

23- Head of Board of Managers, Isfahan Cement Factory for a year.

24- Member of Board of Directors, Health & Sanitation Services Co. Isfahan .

25- Head of Board of Directors Saman Gostar Company, Isfahan .

26- Head of Board of Directors, Isfahan and Suburb Urban Metro Organization.

27- Member of Board of Trustees, Hazrate Zeinab Group, Isfahan .

28- Member of Board of Directors of Religious, Cultural Institute of the Late Immam Khomeini and the Grand Friday Prayer Site (Mosalla).

29- Member of Board of Directors of Water and Sewage, Isfahan .

30- Member of Board of Directors of the three member staff of Construction and Training.

31- Member of Jahad University Group, province of Isfahan for a period of three years.

32- Member of Board of Directors member of Editors, Esteghlal Scientific Research Magazine, Isfahan University of Technology.

33- Head of Board of Directors Isfahan Urban Vahed Bus Company.

34- Member of Board of Directors Supervising Organization in Isfahan Urban Taxi Services.

35- Head of Council of Statistic, Data Computer Services Organization Isfahan .

36- Head of Urban Planning Org. Isfahan.

37- Member of Isfahan Renovation and Reconstruction Co.

38- Head of Isfahan Urban Development Org.

39- Head of Isfahan Recycling Organization’s Council.

40- Head of Isfahan Parks and green areas Organization Council.

41- Head of Isfahan Bus Terminals Council .

42-Head of Isfahan Vegetable and Fruit Market Distribution Organization Council.



- Author of three books on Electricity and Electrical Machineries.

- Author of more than 30 scientific papers, On Electricity and Computer in domestic and International Magazines

-  Fluent in English and Arabic languages, with medium knowledge of French language.

-  Presenter of hundreds of expertised speeches in different fields of science in various seminars, conferences and workshops, in Iran and foreign countries.

- Invited to major international conferences and events as the mayor of metropolitan city of Isfahan and senior expert of sustainable urban developments.   




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