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Museums in Isfahan


          There are more than two thousands of historic monuments, and there are hundreds of old artistic works which can furnish lofty museums, but unfortunately there is not a museum as important as the city. Isfahan is in need of comprehensive museum. There are few places considered as museums, but comparing with Isfahan’s magnificence, there is not a remarkable museum. A short explanation, regarding these museums is as below.

1-     The Palace of Chehel Sotun is also used as a museum. Limited valuable objects are shown, especially holy Qurans, with different types of calligraphy.


2-     Museum of Natural History; The monument which has housed the museum dates back to 15th century. Stucco work and tile mosaic work in this monument are of very attractive quality. Items shown in this old building do not match with the structure. For those who are interested in nature, there are interesting items to be seen.


3-     Museum of contemporary Arts; The Building used for this museum was constructed during Safavid periods. During Qajar dynasty it was renovated and redecorated. Today it shows various works of Isfahan modern artists.


4-     Museum of Decorative Arts; There are more than 3000 old items collected from the Safavid to Qajar periods. The building was used as a stable during Safavid dynasty. It is located next to the palace of Chehel Sotun.

There is a tower which is a Qajar addition.


5-     Next to the Vank Church, in the same campus, there is a beautiful collection of old items which has been collected by Armenians. This museum exhibits great variety of items preserved by Armenian minority in Isfahan.

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