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Isfahan is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, an unforgettable international tourism destination popular all of over the world, an encyclopedia of Iranian and Islamic civilization, locally famous as half of the world. Isfahan presents the real Persian character, the most glorious in historical and architectural wealth. Monuments in Isfahan are great examples of our art and architecture.

Isfahan’s ancient history is not clear and our knowledge about the mentioned period is limited. There are legends about ancient Isfahan, goes back to king Jamshid and king – Kavous from the legendary dynasty.

During Parthians and Sassanians the city has been considered as assembly place for armies. In fact armies were sent to different fronts of ancient Persia from this point.

During Elamate period it was one of the most important cities of Persia. During Achamenid kingdom was called Gaba, famous as the royal summer recreational resort. The name Gaba was changed to Jay.

During Parthians it was ruled by prominent sovereigns and during the Sasanian period crown princes were stationed in Isfahan in order to learn statecraft.

During Sasanian kingdom the city was famous as “Shahrestan”.

Some of historians believe that Jay was not a city but a strong fortress another important district of the original city was called Yahoudiyeh (the Jewish city) which was close to Shahrestan.

Yazdgerd 1, a king from Sassanian dynasty was married to a Jewish wife, allowed a large group of Jews to settle in Isfahan. Their residential district was called as “Yahoudieh”

Some of historians believe that Jews were settled in Isfahan about 600 years BC. Yahoudieh was later called Jubareh and it is still residential district of some of Jews.

Isfahan has been expanded and the two districts are two parts of the metropolitan city of Isfahan.



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