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In accordance with believes of Shiites, Immam Ali the son in law of the holy prophet Mohammad was the successor of our prophet. During Eid Al Ghadir Khom the holy prophet announced that Ali as his successor. Hazrat-e- Ali was deprived of his right and three other Caliphs successed the prophet. Not only Hazrat - e - Ali was deprived of authority and his right, but also was faced with endless tyranny of hostility. Finally he was martyred by enemies of Quran and Islam Caliphs and their descendents took advantage of all opportunities and hurt Ali’s family and children.


Immam Hassan the second Immam of Shiites was prisoned and poisoned. Immam Hossein was the third Immam of Shiites, brother of Immam Hassan. Muslims were fed up with blood thirsty rulers. Immam Hossein, the grand son of prophet was the most popular and qualified after Immam Hassan. People loved his spiritual leadership.


Imam Hossein and his accompanies were on the way to Kufa to according to the muslims invitations. His corrupt, unjust rival Yazid surrounded the Immam’s caravan near Karbala , Immam Hossein, his family and accompanies were martyred mercilessly by yazid. This tragic event further strengthened the Shiites. Immam Hossein is a very holy and dear to Shiites, especially to Iranians. He was martyred in Moharram (Arabic Calendar) Shiites have never forgotten Moharram, especially first 10 days of Moharram. Shiites and especially Iranians commemorate the unforgettable martyrdom of Immam Hossein in every opportunity and occasions, and Moharram is the Zenith time of mourning for Immam Hossein. All mosques, all religions centers and all religious groups hold certain sadful ceremonies to commemorate Immam Hossein. Millions of people, men, women and children from thousands of groups with certain black coloured signs, walk through streets in regular lines, and sing poems regarding his martyrdom and move from one mosque to another to show their grievance. The black colour which is mourning sign dominates everywhere, it is the most tragic ritual respected by Iranians. Poor people receive a lot of donations. Millions of mourners receive free sets of lunches and dinners, cooked on the Moharram occasions.





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