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          The old cemetery of Isfahan and one of the oldest in Islamic world. Old and trustable sources mention that grave of Yusha son of Noah, a Jewish prophet was buried in Takhte Fulad.

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 It was considered as a Jews cemetery during pre- Islamic period and from 8th century it was used as a Moslem cemetery too. A large numbers of learned people and famous Iranian figures were buried there. During Safavid and Qajar dynasties it was used as a formal cemetery of Isfahan. During Qajar dynasty a large part of this cemetery was converted to residential houses.   

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          In 1984 a new graveyard (cemetery) was built to the east of Isfahan called Baghe Rezvan.

          Isfahan Municipality has established an organization, for restoration and renovation of historic tombs and shrines in Takhte Fulad. Recently valuable researches have been carried out to collect deeper knowledge about important personalities, such as poets, theologists and scientists who were buried there. Thakhte Fulad is changing to a national tomb park little by little, but all historic monuments are preserved.

Takhte Foulad3.jpg

          Just in the neighborhood of Takhte Fulad there is the Martyrs Cemetery (Golzar-e- Shohada) Isfahan’s citizen have played a great role for the victory and survival of Islamic Revolution. A large numbers of Isfahanian young and brave persons were martyred during the eight years of imposed war and were buried in Golzar-Shohada. There are thousands of handicapped and especially chemical infected handicapped who have suffered since the imposed war.

Takhte poulad2.jpg

          Iranian Shiite pay a visit to cemeteries, in order to commemorate their dears and relatives who have passed away, on Thursday afternoon. Thousands of people visit Golzar-e Shohada in order to respect and commemorate all those brave martyred who have sacrificed their lives for Iran and Islam.



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