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Welcome to International Affairs Division of Isfahan
Isfahan, a self sufficient metropolitan city in every field. An encyclopedia of Iranian and Islamic arts and architecture. A great collection of historic monuments, such as bridges, mosques, palaces, houses, churches, synagogues, mausoleums, pigeon towers, fire temples, minarets and … .
Located on a plateau, in centre of Islamic Republic of Iran. Residence of Moslems, Christians , Jews and Zoroastrians who have lived together in peace and prosperity. Birth place of grand theologists, numerous artists, poets, and masters in different fields of science and knowledge.

Manifestglorious fine arts and great varieties of handicrafts. Center of the most outstanding and prestigious universities of Iran. Located at the edge of desert, but the beautiful Zayandeh Rood River flows through the city and has given beauty and prosperity to the city. Centre of beautiful fruits gardens, a marvelous green paradise at the edge of desert. A city with several public gardens and parks. Centre of Iranian heavy and semi heavy industries such as steel mill complexes,petrochemical, factories, oil refineries, and 40 percent of textile factories of our country.A city , in which you can visit tourist minded and hard working people in various fields of knowledge, science, and experience, with wonderful sense of humor, which is famous all over Iran. A must destination for domestic and international tourism. Some of wonders of the world can be seen in this city, and finally a city which can not be introduced through words. It must be visited in order to gain the most unforgettable memories. So many people have visited Isfahan and they have fallen in love with Isfahan. Their judgments and feelings can be seen through their valuable books.ation of


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